[Evolution-hackers] Re: [Planner Dev] First version of planner e-d-s importer in planner CVS


El mié, 11-08-2004 a las 09:02, Mikael Hallendal escribió:
> On tis, 2004-08-10 at 07:15 +0200, Alvaro del Castillo wrote:
> > Hi guys!
> Hi,
> > I have commited a few minutes ago the first version of the new Planner
> > plugin for importing resources from evolution data server in Planner. It
> > uses async queries for all the communications between planner and e-d-s.
> Saw this running on Richards computer yesterday and it's really nice.

Great! :)

This is the kind of feedback I was hoping :)

> > The main issue I will solve next days will be to import the UID from a
> > resource in e-d-s to a custom property in planner resource, so we can
> > sync easily the two data sources.
> Since imho this should be updated automatically if you change the
> information in Evolution there is one problem I see. And that is if you
> send the file to someone, their UIDs won't be the same as the ones in my
> computer, so for that I'm not sure the best way is to store the UIDs for
> these contacts in the save .planner file itself.

Hmmm, I am not sure we can start to think about the more than one user
access to this data with sync feature. e-d-s is now desing for personal
use, so every user will have its own contact database for local

It could be different for LDAP resources. I am not sure in the LDAP uids
will be the same in different machines, I suppose that no.

Currently, I think that if we can solve the personal sync with UIDs we
can then start to think about exchanging files and that evolution
contacts gets sync'ed.

I will implement the sync with all these issues in mind in any case :)

> > Also, we have in mind to start following a similar approach to import
> > tasks in planner from e-d-s, but we are thinking about the details right
> > now so no code yet.
> > 
> > When we finish the integration using Planner as a client for e-d-s we
> > will start to think if it is a good idea that planner data could be
> > offered to the world as a e-d-s backend.
> I'm not sure how useful it would be to import tasks from e-d-s but maybe
> it is. Using Planner as a data source for e-d-s sounds _very_ useful
> though and would rock!.

I am not sure also about the tasks issue, but it is easy to implement
and play with it. Hmmm, we will see.

What I need is to create a plan and that all the people in the plan can
manage the plan data easily and individually and then, feedback me all
the result and that I can integrate them back in the plan. I think the
backend for reading planner data from evolution is the way to go to do
that, yes.

Thanks Mikael, I will start hacking before in this second line:

1. Use Planner to define a plan with resources and tasks

2. Import the plan from evolution as different tasks (maybe filtering
using a user name field). Each project member will receive a copy of the
planner project and she can import it in evolution.

3. Modify the tasks detail from evolution.

4. Save the tasks back to planner using the planner e-d-s backend.

5. Integrate all the feedback in the plan (i am not sure how to do that)


-- Alvaro

> Regards,
>   Mikael Hallendal
Alvaro del Castillo San Félix
Lambdaux Software Services S.R.L.
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Centro de Apoyo Tecnológico
C/ Tulipán sn 28933 Mostoles, Madrid-Spain
acs lambdaux com

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