[Evolution-hackers] evolution default timezone


The clock applet now uses the GConf key /apps/evolution/calendar/display/timezone to set the default timezone on sources.

It is a little awkward that programs using libecal will have to know the Olson timezone string. Right now I don't see any way around this since the Olson zone is required to get the icaltimezone. The icaltimezone is needed in two places, primarily:

 * to call e_cal_set_default_timezone()
   which is then used to generate instances

 * manually parsing DATE and DATE-TIME properties
   which then uses icaltime_as_timet_with_zone()

It seems much easier to compute the offset from UTC directly from the localtime than it is to keep track of the Olson string.

It should be possible to create a utility function to return the icaltimezone given the offset from UTC and the DST flag, right?

If we have this then it might be appropriate for sources to default to the system timezone instead of UTC.

I guess a better solution would be to get the Olson string from the system but there doesn't seem to be a reliable way to do that.


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