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Hi Andre,
yes, you are right, i've written shamsi calendar
and i want to merge it to evolution, and i want
to change the gui to get ability to every body 
to select his/her favorite calendar (shamsi or 
another one),
thanks again if u guide me,
best regards


--- Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net> wrote:

> Am Freitag, den 30.07.2004, 21:34 -0700 schrieb Amir
> Hossein payberah:
> > Hi every one,
> > I want to add some feature to calender, and
> > I want to change gui to support that features,
> > I want to know is it possible to change the
> > evolution gui, or i should get authority to
> > do this,
> hi amir,
> please, please be more specific. it's like "my
> computer is broken and i
> want you to tell me the exact way how to make it
> work again but i won't
> tell you any more information". ;-)
> i guess you are asking about including shamsi
> support for the calendar?
> please tell us more about your plans how to do that
> in the code (the
> more specific they are, the better!), this mailing
> list is the right
> place for that. but it's hard to help if the
> questions are too general.
> you will not get authority (write access?) to cvs as
> *no-one* except the
> ximian/novell guys have write access!
> check out the latest version from cvs, make
> your changes locally,
> test, and send your *patches* to the mailing list
> evolution-
> patches ximian com in the form of a unified and
> commented diff (cvs diff
> -u). then they will be reviewed and commented,
> because that's the way
> things work here. :-)
> you'll also find guidelines about that on the ximian
> homepage.
> hope that helped,
> cheers,
> andre
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