[Evolution-hackers] E-VCard API

Hello to all,

I have made more progress, but I'm a bit confused by the API.
I have added Speeddial support using Chris' trick :

attr = e_vcard_attribute_new (NULL, "TEL");
e_vcard_attribute_add_param_with_value (attr, 
e_vcard_attribute_add_value (attr, "55");  
e_vcard_add_attribute (E_VCARD (contact), attr);

Now, from an EContact, I want to be able to read the speed dial value
back. More or less easy with a succession of loops :

1) e_contact_get_attributes returns a GList of EVCardAttribute *
2) for each of the EVCardAttribute *, call e_vcard_attribute_get_params
to get a GList of EVCardAttributeParam *
3) for each of the EVCardAttributeParam, call
e_vcard_attribute_param_get_values to get a list of char * containing
the param value name. One of them is of course
"X-GNOMEMEETING-SPEEDDIAL", but how can I get the associate value back?

I can use e_vcard_attribute_get_values, but it will give me a list of
values for the EVCardAttribute found at step 1. How can I make sure I
get the value for the correct EVCardAttributeParam with the right

Currently, it works because all lists are single-valued, but shouldn't
there be a function in the API like :
e_vcard_attribute_param_get_value (EVCardAttributeParam (found in 2),

Damien Sandras <dsandras seconix com>

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