[Evolution-hackers] e_cal_open behavior

Hi Guys,

It seems that alot of code relies on e_cal_open returning TRUE meaning
that the calendar has been opened, when in fact it only means that a
"request to open the calendar is submitted" (according to the comments),
however it seems from the code that the signal is emitted right after
the open request is sent, which kind of makes it redundant in my eyes
not to signal if the calendar actually suceeded in opening in the return
value of not, and not relying on catching a signal.

If however, result (as opposed to the 'status' returned in a cal_opened
event) does state whether or not it actually opened the calendar, and
not just "if it managed to ask to open the calendar", the description
above the code should change, if not, lots of code is kinda broken...

So which is right?
Trent "Lathiat" Lloyd <lathiat bur st>
Bur.st Networking Inc.

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