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Evolution 1.5.7

We've released Evolution 1.5.7, the latest release in the unstable

      * Evolution 1.5.7
      * Gtkhtml 3.1.12
      * Gal 2.1.8
      * Evolution Data Server 0.0.92
      * Libsoup 2.1.9

Thanks to jgraham for testing the tarball.

The alarm daemon and meeting support is still a bit flaky, some other
notable bugs in this release found by Tim include:

      * 57034  Crash when trying to add new Contacts calendar
      * 57023  Crash after cutting, pasting and cutting same contacts
      * 57022  SIGSEGV when cutting contacts from local contacts group
      * 57020  SIGSEGV when quering local contacts group after copying
      * 56950  SIGSEGV when removing account in evolution settings
      * 56891  Right click on apppointment and select cut, SIGSEGV
      * 56866 New button creates new Email with a tasks folder selected
      * 57017 LDAP contacts group stopped responding after repeated
      * 57010  Post To: field displaying raw/encoded IMAP folder names
      * 57006  Evolution creating autogenerated signature each time it
      * 57002  In the mail folder tree a newly created vfolder has arrow
      * 56960 Test URL button of Insert: Link dialog is not working
      * 56892  Enter key does not activate OK button and close Select
        source dialog
      * 56889 OK button active in "Select source" with no calendar
      * 56872  Properties dialog strange behavior for birthdays &
      * 56874 Anniversaries in B & A calendar have the Birthday category
      * 56875  Changing calendar for B & A event does not activate save
      * 56885  "Select source" dialog title is misleading and window too

JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com>
Novell, Inc.

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