Re: [Evolution-hackers] PIM application suite

> > This was the purpose of e-d-s, don't confuse the UI of the app with the
> > data storage mechanism.  The gnome meeting guys are already looking at
> > using the e-d-s data storage mechanism.  Whether the gui part is in
> I'm the "GnomeMeeting guys" ;)

And GnomeMeeting is awesome!

> > Evolution or a separate app makes little difference.
> Perhaps psychological. If we tell to our users "you don't have a local
> address book in the GnomeMeeting UI, but you can use the GNOME Contacts
> software to manage your GnomeMeeting contacts", it will be ok. However,
> if we tell them they have to run and install Evolution to manage their
> GnomeMeeting contacts, I think they won't accept it.
> That doesn't disturb me to have our own address book in GM, but I think
> it would perhaps be better if we were using an external soft, and not
> only an external backend. 

Using the E-D-S would also permit GnomeMeeting to use all the
datasources E-D-S knows about (via connectors, whatever...).  So
GnomeMeeting could see all the contacts in the corporate groupware
system.  Thats a usability improvement that would tempt me to burst into

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