Re: [Evolution-hackers] PIM application suite

> > >   the benefit of having an official gnome
> > > addressbook app would be a great benefit anyways.  the
> > > way mac os x utilizes the addressbook for aim names in
> > > ichat is simply wonderful.
> > 
> > evolution 1.5 already does that
> Except nothing *really* uses it. There is a gaim plug-in that can
> optionally depend
> on the evolution stuff. I think there is a patch for gossip as well, and
> there are
> a few other things starting to use evolution-data-server for contacts
> and calendar
> information, like GnomeMeeting.

Yes, and I agree that having one separate application to manage the
contacts in all apps would be better. 

I'm currently forced to have an internal address book in GnomeMeeting,
because I don't want to tell people that they have to install the whole
Evolution "suite" to be able to manage their GnomeMeeting contacts. 

Conclusion, there is effort duplication : Evolution and GnomeMeeting
will both have their own address book (sharing the same backend which is
better) when there could be only one specialized program to do it.

People would manage all their contacts, even the GnomeMeeting ones with
that program, and GnomeMeeting would use the backend for the URL bar
when calling people, but it wouldn't have its own address book GUI...
Damien Sandras <dsandras seconix com>

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