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What about the messages like "expunge all folders?" that currently have a "don't ask again" button?

I'm thinking we should probably have 3 choices on these, as buttons. e.g.

"dont expunge" "expunge this time" "expunge always without asking"

Although that text looks a bit long.

The checkbox implies something which isn't true, that is "dont ask again and no" means no always and don't ask again.  Which actually makes no sense for these options, they should be run eventually, which is why it actually means 'no this time, but next time run it without asking' (maybe thats a bug).

I'm not sure all of the other errors can be quite so specific either, but i guess i'll see.

On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 17:54 -0500, Benjamin Kahn wrote:
The Evolution error messages and warning dialogs are fairly un-higgy.  There are two issues.  The first is that the text itself isn't hig-gy.  The second issue is that the spacing and layout of the dialogs isn't hig-gy.  I've attached a glade file which can be used to create hig-gy warning dialogs.  Here's a screenshot:
Notice that there are sets of text.  Since I have not updated all the messages that Evolution can display, it's possible to see old messages.  In this case, the HIG specifies that the message be displayed as the primary text (big and bold) and the secondary text be empty.

I've created a number of re-written error messages as well.  Please find it attached.
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