[Evolution-hackers] Team Meeting Minutes (April 13th)

1. JP

JP discussed work for Evolution 1.5.7 and EDS.  We continue with
the "top down" approach, we need to fix blockers followed by major and
normal.  We will decide if EDS goes 1.0.0 based on completeness of the
calendar recurrence code.

JP discussed not releasing EDS 1.0.0 until we are sure its ready, the
next release will be 0.0.92.

JP discussed better testing for 1.5.7, Tim will test for 2 days before release.

JP discussed the bug goal, which was missed.  The bug count rose sharply with increased dog fooding but has levelled off again. For
April 20th the goals are: 8 showstoppers, 50 majors, 135 normal

JP discussed the regressed features work:

a. Support for this and prior and this and future recurrences in the
Rodrigo (code committed)

b. Test suite for EDS calendar
Harish (Initial patches are in)

Toshok (only certificate authority dialogs remain)

d. Pilot syncing
JP (Initial review in progress)

e. Component information area
Zucchi implemented, needs to hold useful information in the calendar and

f. Alarm Daemon
JP (review done, 1 patch to go in)

These are the ones left to hand out:
a. Locking in the calendar backends

b. Meetings

2. Team

Rodney: HIGification, finish icon them support

Tim: Testing of groupwise support, evolution 1.5.7

Gerardo: Usual triaging, bug day

Jeff: Bug fixing, unread count

Michael: Calendar info area, offline IMAP, general bug fixing

Hans: Address book editor improvements as per Anna's team

Rodrigo: Recurrence work

Chris: S/MIME CA dialog, race fixes in EDS

Radek: Scrolling, HIGification, icon-theme in gtkhtml

JP: calendar bug fixing, meetings

Larry: "New" dialogs

Siva: Group Wise addressbook work

Harish: Group Wise calendar work - timezone issues

Anna: Design work

Jeremy: New Evolution packager for FC - David Malcolm

3. Additional Business
Get some investigation on glibc bug.

Keep blogging.

JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com>
Ximian, Inc.

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