Re: [Evolution-hackers] changes to addressbook/gui/component

isn't the activate() method a bonobo thing?  Even still - if you have
two windows up you'll get two activate() calls with different id's.  the
component needs a way to determine which window had the New... button

It's sad that this can't somehow be handled by the
e-user-creatable-items-handler code.


On Thu, 2004-04-15 at 10:59 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
> What about just adding an id to the activate function?  Since this is
> already called per-window.
> On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 19:25 -0700, Chris Toshok wrote: 
> > I've committed some pretty heavy restructuring (although it's almost all
> > just moving code around) and now we have a real per-window structure for
> > the addressbook.  This fixes lots of issues (status showing up in
> > multiple windows, for instance), and allows the info label to actually
> > show information.
> > 
> > There's one issue though - the user creatable items stuff still goes
> > through the component, which has no way of getting one item of
> > per-window info that it needs (the current book, source, source_uid, or
> > some way of identifying where the contact should go.)  For now it loads
> > the default book, which is of course not what we want to end up with.
> > Is this issue going to be resolved?  I remember talking about it with
> > jpr and someone else recently..  Maybe a window id passed to
> > createControls and requestCreateItem methods?
> > 
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