[Evolution-hackers] changes to addressbook/gui/component

I've committed some pretty heavy restructuring (although it's almost all
just moving code around) and now we have a real per-window structure for
the addressbook.  This fixes lots of issues (status showing up in
multiple windows, for instance), and allows the info label to actually
show information.

There's one issue though - the user creatable items stuff still goes
through the component, which has no way of getting one item of
per-window info that it needs (the current book, source, source_uid, or
some way of identifying where the contact should go.)  For now it loads
the default book, which is of course not what we want to end up with.
Is this issue going to be resolved?  I remember talking about it with
jpr and someone else recently..  Maybe a window id passed to
createControls and requestCreateItem methods?


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