Re: [Evolution-hackers] GNOME 2.6 e-d-s dependencies?

The option is for the clock applet's optional integration with e-d-s to
show your tasks for the day in the pop-down where you normally see the
calendar widget. I don't know anything beyond that. If the check doesn't
do the right thing with finding the libs, and is undocumented, I'd
consider these bugs in the panel, and should be reported as such, in the
bugzilla at

-- dobey

On Pre , 2004-04-02 at 23:11 -0700, Jason A Miller wrote:
> Kind of an off-topic general question...
> I was just compiling the gnome-panel from GNOME 2.6 and noticed in the
> configuration options that you can select to have it enable e-d-s dependencies.
> There seems to be nothing in the documentation about these dependencies, and
> when the flag (--enable-eds) is passed to the configure script, it seems to
> make no checks for e-d-s at all.
> I was just curious as to what these dependencies are, or if they were only
> slated to be functional if evo was going to be part of the Gnome 2.6
> distribution originally?
> --- J A Miller (Linuxdevr)
> jmiller chipnet dyndns org

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