Re: [Evolution-hackers] work in progress white-paper on extensions

> 	This looks interesting. I think you trash Bonobo in a single sentance:
> 	"But basically, the whole Bonobo and CORBA thing is just a big 
> 	 pain in the arse to deal with from the C bindings. It is
> 	 already enough work just managing the Bonobo requirements of
> 	 the base application."
> 	There is a kernel of truth in that - however; it's pretty irritating
> brief :-)

> 	Of course - were I to believe that you actually understood what
> CORBA/Bonobo will do for you / what it's good at - I'd be most happy for
> you to go and re-invent big chunks of it in yet-another-way, requiring
> yet-another-binding.

So what will it do for me, and just what is it good at?

So far my experiences have been almost entirely negative (and
indications are that many other evolution developers haven't exactly
enjoyed theirs either).  And in my currently (admittedly) unenlightened
state, I would simply answer as bluntly as I generally tend to do, "make
my life harder, and not a whole bloody lot" to the above question!

It certainly solves problems, but many don't seem to be ones we're after
having solved, or that map well to our application?


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