Re: [Evolution-hackers] work in progress white-paper on extensions

Hi Michael,

On Fri, 2004-03-26 at 22:15 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
> Just thought i'd publish a work-in-progress paper/implementation i've
> been working on in my spare time.

	This looks interesting. I think you trash Bonobo in a single sentance:

	"But basically, the whole Bonobo and CORBA thing is just a big 
	 pain in the arse to deal with from the C bindings. It is
	 already enough work just managing the Bonobo requirements of
	 the base application."

	There is a kernel of truth in that - however; it's pretty irritating
brief :-)

	Of course - were I to believe that you actually understood what
CORBA/Bonobo will do for you / what it's good at - I'd be most happy for
you to go and re-invent big chunks of it in yet-another-way, requiring

	So far - I think you are just confused ;-) I'm also not convinced that
implementing raw CORBA interfaces from C (ie. ignoring property bag
stuff etc.) is _that_ far from the minimum effort required. Certainly
inventing yet another type system is going to just be painful.

	So - before you go and re-write loads of new code (which is always fun
I admit), could I ask you to convince me that you actually understand
the CORBA stuff by extending libbonobo/sample/echo/echo[.idl/.c/.h] to
include 3-4 new methods, and then write a small python script to poke at
them. Is that patronising twaddle ? perhaps, but it'd really help me to
_know_ that you fully understood what you dismiss in 4 sentances - my
feeling is you _may_ be pleasantly suprised; otherwise I'll respect your

	Otherwise the document looks interesting.



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