Re: [Evolution-hackers] immediate mailer todo list

> > Mail, immediate TODO
> > 
> > Clean up printfs
> I can handlethis, I think :)

Like i said, wait till we're about to merge.

> > Clean up warnings (missing headers mostly)
> > Some above-api documentation.
> I wouldn'tmind writing some docs

Go for  it :)

> the composer can probably mostly stay as is for now, afaik there aren't
> any major shortcomings.

Apart from being pretty tightly coupled to the mail code ...

> > Camel*Store - need a store that stores sub-directories in mozilla/ns
> > format, for use as the main data store for evolution, or just settle
> > on Maildir?  Should it support alternate backends, or just fix on one
> > (Maildir or mbox).
> I wouldn't mind writing a Mozilla-like camel provider.

All you really need to do is subclass camel-mbox-store and change some
path stuff, i think.

> > 
> > S/MIME - need to at least investigate the featureset required.
> we probably need to poke the Novell guys and get their feature set and
> try to mimic theirs?

Yeah probably, i just put that there to please christine anyway :)

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