[Evolution-hackers] IDN support for evolution

Hi All,
	We are planning to provide IDN (International Domain Names) support for 
Evolution. With this support Evolution will be able to process non-ASCII 
charcaters at domain name, hostname, URI and so on. The effect will be the user 
will be able to type in these info in their native language in Evolution.
	For this we need to deliver IDN library too along with evolution, or 
Evolution should take advantage of the IDN support available in a platform. We 
are looking into the second option of hooking onto the already existing platform 
support for IDN.
 Currently there are many opensource implementations for IDN. We have done an 
indepth comparison of  IDNKIT 1.0 from JPNIC, IDN SDK 1.0.1 from VeriSign Inc., 
and GNU IDN library 0.2.0. and figured out that IDNKIT 1.0 from JPNIC
	which feature BSD Open Source License like license is better of the lot 
interms of the interfaces it provide and coding discipline and also future 
	We are planning to enhance Evolution with support for interfaces for the 
above library.
	Pl provide your feedback for this proposed enhancement for Evolution.
Thanks & Regards,

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