Re: [Evolution-hackers] A question about calendar's import

On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 05:40, Harry Lu wrote:
> Hi,
>     Per JPR's request, I write this mail to discuss a problem.   
>     Here is the problem. The attached Bruins.ics is get from 
> I cut it to 2 events.  If I import 
> it into Evolution, since the timezone (US/Eastern) is not included in 
> Evolution's buildin timezone list, though the import is successfu and I 
> can see some black dates from the date calendar at the upper right, I 
> can see nothing from dayview, weekview and month view.
> 	I had made a patch based on 1.4 to patch cal_backend_file_update_objects() to change the timezone into local default timezone so that the events can be seen. Rodrigo has approved and I had checked in to 1.4 branch.
> 	Now I need to made a patch for HEAD. I think I should patch e_cal_backend_file_create_object() and e_cal_backend_file_modify_object().
> Do I need to patch e_cal_backend_file_receive_objects(), too? 
yes, anytime an event is changed/added, you need to check that. Those 3
functions do what update_objects used to.


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