[Evolution-hackers] Re: camel_store_get_folder_info suckage

On Sat, 2003-11-15 at 05:06, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
ok, so I was right about the mbox code expecting NULL. but this may very

It should treat null and "" identically.

well have been my fault. anyways, that is now fixed in CVS along with
changes to set the fi->flags with CAMEL_FOLDER_CHILDREN,

now for the new problem:

if you call get_folder_info without the RECURSIVE flag, you only get a
singleton fi returned to you. I guess this makes sense. (note, however,

Thats a bug in mbox, it should return 1 level.

that imap will return one level of subdirs as well - altho they will be
placed in fi->sibling rather than fi->child which is rather wrong).
Thats a bug in imap, or maybe build_folder_info which i never trusted.  Although this is how the subscription selector uses it, so either it works around it, or it (getfolderinfo) doesn't owrk this way.

so... the only way to get a list of subfolders of an mbox folder is to
request RECURSIVE. However, this scans more than just a single level
which is not what I want.
But it also doesn't matter to do it this way.  Its no change from current behaviour.

the way the IMAP spec deals with this, is by providing 2 modes of
recursive: % (1 level) and * (everything)

what do you think of having a
Not necessary, see above.

while on the subject of get_folder_info... the interface sucks. There
are several reasons it sucks, but the ones I'm thinking of right now is
that it doesn't allow for any sort of globbing and it is inconsistant

What do we need globbing for?  There's not a single place we'd use it.

with the other camel-store methods in that the other methods take a path
while get_folder_info takes a full_name.
Does it?  The imap code treats the incoming name/path exactly the same for get_folder_info as with rename_folder, get_folder, etc. (using the imapstoresummary to turn the incoming path into a physical 'full_name', which might not be en/de codable from the path because of bad encoding on the server).

probably too late to change this interface tho. :-(

It got changed a year ago :)


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