Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution and Evolution Libs split

used in multiple places could copy for now or have evo link against a
util lib in the new package

used in multiple spots including camel - Jeff, Michael maybe camel wants
its own anyhow so it can be split out at a later date?  The filter code
could use the camel one and the rest of the usage is in the calendar and
addressbook (and only in 2 addressbook instance in the gui)

I guess camel could have its own.  I'm getting a bit cool on the whole idea anyway to be honest, maybe a parse tree was a better idea.

the wombat clients now use the e_mutex bits maybe we should just copy
those out?
As dan said, probbaly c(sh)ould just use gmutex stuff.  (emutex could probably all go away, although i so detest the stupid glib api for recursive mutexes).

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