Re: [Evolution-hackers] mail display/format code, multipart/related

On Mon, 2003-06-30 at 06:24, Not Zed wrote:
> Dan/Jeff,
> The mail format code for related parts can match other related parts
> which are not part of the same hierarchy, and other parts which are
> sub-parts of say a multipart/mixed (i think), or other parallel parts.

> Was this done for a specific reason, or just implementation simplicity.

I don't remember. It might just be sloppiness. If there is a reason for
it, it was probably that we needed to do it that way to be able to
display multipart/related messages from certain mailers/web browsers.

There are a bunch of test cases by the author of RFC2557 at, but none of them
would require that functionality.

-- Dan

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