Re: [Evolution-hackers] Problems with mail status indicators

mail this to the evolution users list, it doesn't belong here, and wont
be answered, at least by me, here.

On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 23:25, Michael Rensing wrote:
> I'm seeing two problems in Evolution 1.4 with the mail status
> indicators.
> 1) in the Folders list, the new mail indicator (bold font with the
> number of unread messages in brackets) is not being updated every time
> the mail is checked. This is frustrating to me because I'm using
> procmail to filter my mail, and depend on the indicator to notify me
> that there are new messages. Instead, I have to click on each mailbox to
> force it to update the new messages. This was not a problem in Evolution
> 1.2.

> 2) In the message list pane I use the threading. The envelope icon which
> indicates whether a message is read or not changes when I collapse a
> thread. If all the messages in the thread are read, the icon of the
> collapsed thread changes to the unread icon (closed yellow envelope). If
> any of the messages in the thread are unread, the icon of the collapsed
> thread changes to the read icon (open white envelope).
> Regards,
> Michael

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