[Evolution-hackers] A little piece of advice

Hi everybody,

First of all, please excuse me for my english...

I wanted to learn C# using Mono, and I had a long time project idea in
mind: to make an evolution "plugin" to enable zaurus (or more generally
opie) users to sync their PIM data with evolution.
I decided a few days ago that I should begin both together. As a "proof
of concept", I already coded a bit, reading my addressbook.xml file from
opie using the XML capabilities of Mono.
Now I'm confronted to the big problem I knew I would encounter: I have
to find an easy way to make data integrate to evolution.
My first big problem is to know what you folks (if some of you know C#
enough, but I believe some might) would advise me to do:
- Should I pass the parsed data to evolution as a vcard and call an
import function (doing the compare stuff and everything into evolution
itself, with the builtin functions)
- or should I do all this myself

I know the first way would be simpler, but it would eventually make more
sense to do everything in plain old C (which isn't a bad thing, but
would let me have to find another project for my C# amusments)...

Well, as I write this, I'm beginning to ask myself why I should do this
in C#, but anyway, I'll post it to see your reactions...


Le Sensei...

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