Re: [Evolution-hackers] Patch for Line break of Chinese.

Hi, zhan_cb

  Anyway, all patched should go to patches-mailing-list. Also, please
chose an good mail client like evolution, because your attachment's type
is not a text but an application, which is more like an virus.
 I am not an developer of gtkhtml, but I can give you some coding style
suggestions on your patch. 

===> excerpt 

+    /*
+     *Modifed by zhancb 2003-6-4,fixing for counting Chinese text words
+     *The below is the original code
        while ((s = strchr (s, ' '))) {
                words ++;
                s ++;
+    */
This is not a suitable for patch. Please just delete them. You can file
a bug on then add comments there.

+    while ( s && *s )
+    {
+        if ( *s == ' ' || *s < 0 )
+            words ++ ;
+        s = g_utf8_next_char ( s );
+    }

It seems you count the chinese character instead of chinese word. I
think counting chinese word is very difficult, so please add detail
description to show why you want to do that.

And are you sure "*s<0"  can be an suitable separate character for all
kind of languages? I am not an g10n expert. :-)

Hope to be helpful and wish you get more response quickly.

Best regards

On Mon, 2003-06-23 at 15:24, zhan_cb wrote:
> Hi,
> It's just a temporary method to handle line break of Chinese text.I've
> tested it and it works.
> I've sent this patch to patch-mailing-list of Evolution about three
> weeks before with no response.I need some advice and then I posted
> here again.
> Thanks!
> zhancb/2003-6-23
> ______________________________________
> ===================================================================

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