Re: [Evolution-hackers] sharing IMAP folders between users

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I dont have the connector installed and the command IS showing up.

So what makes evo think that exchange is there so it will show the command?  We were playing around
with the namespace settings on the IMAP server.

Secondly, what does that command do?  does it talk exchange protocols?

Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
| On Tue, 2003-06-17 at 13:24, JT Moree wrote:
|>RFC 2086 allows for ACLs on IMAP folders.  We have used programs like websieve/smartsieve to set
|>ACLs to allow one user to share a folder with another user.
|>We just found a File->Open Other User's Folder in Evolution 1.2.4.  How is that feature supposed to
|>work?  Does it look in the Shared namespace?  Does it look in the user namespace?  What is it
|>looking for?
| At present, that command is only enabled if you have Connector
| installed; it's meant to be used with Exchange folders.
| -- Ettore

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