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from what I understand the newer versions of evo are gnome 2?  and the multisync plugin is glade 1.
~ The multisync people seem to think that multisync must be rewritten to work with glade 2/gnome 2.

Tobias Rundström wrote:
| Hello all.
| Are you familiar with the multisync tool? It able to sync with evolution
| 1.2.x but not with 1.3->1.4.
| I would like to make it work. But I would need some help to understand
| the new way evo saves it information. Today the evolution plugin loads
| the diffrent component libs and starts wombat to be able to use the same
| interface as Evolution it self?
| I understad that you have changed the structure of Evo 1.4 and how would
| YOU like to see such a tool to work? The same fashion or accessing the
| files directly?
| //Tobias
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