[Evolution-hackers] Calendar bug, multiple notifications

I can't remember if this was resolved already, but remember there was/is
a problem with old alarms re-triggering.
Since I annoyed some cell phone users yesterday with multiple reminders.
Here is a patch which resolves the problem, at least in the case where
you open a new calendar window and the days alarm will trigger again.

Technically the saved_notification_time variable was not updated when
the config was updated to the last notification time, and when a new
calendar window is opened the old last notification time is used to
calculate missed events.

Patch is against 1.2.1.


diff -ur evolution-1.2.1-old/calendar/ChangeLog evolution-1.2.1-patched/calendar/ChangeLog
--- evolution-1.2.1-old/calendar/ChangeLog	Mon Dec  2 11:27:25 2002
+++ evolution-1.2.1-patched/calendar/ChangeLog	Thu Jan 30 12:41:14 2003
@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
+2003-30-01 Ronald Kuetemeier <ronald kuetemeier com>
+	* Set saved_notification_time in alarm-queue.c to last notification
+	time when we update the config to last notification, so alarms will
+	not get trigged again if a new calendar window is opened.
 2002-12-02  Dan Winship  <danw ximian com>
 	* gui/e-itip-control.c (write_recurrence_piece): Describe
diff -ur evolution-1.2.1-old/calendar/gui/alarm-notify/alarm-queue.c evolution-1.2.1-patched/calendar/gui/alarm-notify/alarm-queue.c
--- evolution-1.2.1-old/calendar/gui/alarm-notify/alarm-queue.c	Mon Oct  7 10:13:26 2002
+++ evolution-1.2.1-patched/calendar/gui/alarm-notify/alarm-queue.c	Thu Jan 30 12:32:54 2003
@@ -246,6 +246,7 @@
 	comp = cqa->alarms->comp;
 	save_notification_time (trigger);
+	saved_notification_time = trigger;
 	qa = lookup_queued_alarm (cqa, alarm_id);
 	if (!qa)

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