[Evolution-hackers] addressbook completion performance improvements (again)

So, I just checked in gal/addressbook code to speed up the completion
foo again, and for the majority of cases that I'm aware of, it's as good
as it's going to get barring a complete rewrite.

The results are now cached per addressbook so if a query completes for a
particular addressbook it'll use the cached values for it if possible. 
This has enormous impact on the case where you're completing against
networked and local addressbooks.  In the old case, if the network query
failed to complete for whatever reason (size limit, time limit, you
typed more, etc) nothing was cached between queries.  Now we just
requery the addressbooks that didn't complete last time.

Also, the behavior of the popup has changed slightly, so we aren't
popping it down/up on every keypress.  That should speed things up a

There's at least one more piece of low hanging fruit left that I'll be
addressing next, but completion foo should be much, much better in 1.3
than 1.2.


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