[Evolution-hackers] camel & imap & multiple servers

I'm getting a lot of dialogue boxes about "server unexpectedly
disconnected" when running evolution with imap message store.  This
seems to happen when another imap client connects and causes the server
to drop the connection.  I think I have about 4 different computers that
might be connecting to the same imap store.  Evolution needs to handle
this (normal) situation gracefully.  Mozilla does and has for a long

I took a look at the code and see that it throws up an exception instead
of trying to reconnect.  I also see that somone is really unhappy with
the state of camel_imap_store_readline wrt this issue.  Can someone get
me up-to-speed on the thinking behind this (e.g., it's fixed in the new
release, we have no idea how to fix this, etc)?  I'd be happy to spend
some time fixing this problem as I would really like to use evolution
over mozilla b/c of the calendering capability.  I'm also interested in
general why imap is so much slower with evo than with mozilla,
especially when checking for new mail.

(ps -- i'm not (yet) subscribed to this mailing list so please cc me on

Stephen Farrell <sfarrell almaden ibm com>
IBM Almaden Research

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