[Evolution-hackers] Improved Nautilus send-to feature

Hi all,

alex and me have been working on bounty #127551 lately. We think we've
got everything working now. We've created a patch for gaim and a new
package named nautilus-send-to to implement this. The send-to feature in
nautilus itself can be removed then.

The package and gaim patch are available in the bugzilla bounty entry
(http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=127551). If approved, we'd
like the gaim people to apply the gaim patch to their local tree. The
other package needs a new module in Gnome CVS.

If it's not approved, please give comments why. We'd like to improve it
where possible. :).


Ronald Bultje <rbultje ronald bitfreak net>
Linux Video/Multimedia developer

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