Re: [Evolution-hackers] evolution build

William Jon McCann wrote:
Rodney Dawes wrote:
The DEPRECATED defines were removed from in HEAD. Either you
don't have the latest version or something else is wrong.

I looked a little closer. All of gnome-icon-theme has been marked as deprecated. jhbuild builds libgnomeui with DISABLE_DEPRECATED. Evolution uses GnomeIconTheme instead of the new GtkIconTheme and therefore doesn't compile.

Er, that is way wrong, sorry.  Apparently I didn't look close enough.

This is what actually did it:

e-util.c only includes gnome-icon-lookup.h and gnome-icon-theme.h was removed from it. So, we could probably just add an include for gnome-icon-theme.h to e-util.c. That works for me.


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