Re: [Evolution-hackers] Build FAQ?

On Sun, 2003-12-14 at 19:59, Frank Solensky wrote:
> Pardon the newbie question but is there any more detailed information
> about building Evolution?
> On
> | Build the relevant modules listed on the CVS page and them.
> 1) Should the modules be built in any specific order?
yes, I do it in the following order: libsoup, gal, gtkhtml,
evolution-data-server, evolution.

> 2) "..and them".  Install, right?
Yes, not only do you need to compile it, but to install it before
compiling the next module.

> | If you use a prefix different from where the rest of GNOME is
> | installed (recommended),
> 3) I'm not sure what the recommendation is: the prefix for the result of
> the evolution build?
no, the prefix for installing, that can be like /usr/local,
~/Applications, /opt/gnome, ...

> In evolution/README.txt:
> | In order to build Evolution you need to have the full set of GNOME 2
> | or GNOME 2.2 development libraries installed.
> 4) Out of date?  I've got GNOME 2.4, off the Red Hat Fedora
> distribution.
well, it should still compile on 2.0 and 2.2, at least the 1.4.x

> | .. Evolution REQUIRES libdb 3.1.17, and NO OTHER VERSION.
> 5) Still true?
not for 1.5.x.

> I'll admit it.  Getting the link to was
> enough incentive for me to try to add one or two things myself, even if
> I don't eventually claim one.
> 6)  The blog page announces some of the enhancements already being
> completed (sorry about Ettore): where does one go to see what's already
> underway?   Or is the blog what's current?
see the bug numbers associated with each bounty.


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