Re: [Evolution-hackers] ebook API

> e_book_async_get_book_view(...) doesn't allow me to specify the maximum
> number of records, whereas e_book_get_book_view(...) does.  Should the
> async version be extended to take the extra argument?  This looks like a
> trivial patch to me.

Not sure about this part. I'll let toshok answer.

> ECardCursor has gone! I was planning on using it (or something similar)
> in contact-lookup-applet to handle the case where the address book has
> many contacts which match the typed name.  It's not a common case, but
> if I pointed my applet at a large LDAP server and typed "John",
> e_book_get_contacts() could take some time to retrieve the data and
> create the EContacts for the completion.  I will be switching to
> e_book_async_get_contacts() to reduce UI blocking, but this could still
> involve creating a large lists of contacts.  Is there a better way I've
> missed?

Call e_book_get_book_view() to get an EBookView object, which will emit
"contacts_added" signals as matching contacts are found, and a
"sequence_complete" signal when it's done. This is what the existing
addressbook views use.

-- Dan

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