[Evolution-hackers] Video conferencing field in EContact


So for the last few weeks as I've been hacking on contact-lookup-applet
I've been thinking in the background about adding video conferencing
fields to EContact.  Then today in the huge threads about gnomemeeting
it turns out that a gnome-meeting/evolution/gaim/gossip integration
patch is ready, only waiting on a video conferencing field in

I've never done video conferencing before, but would like to see this
field (or fields, Damien says h323: would be cool too) in Evo before
GNOME 2.6 so we don't have to wait a long time for them... some of the
integration coming up is wonderful.

So, would it be sensible to extend the IM fields patch on
evolution-patches to handle the callto: URLs?  Or should it sit
alongside the blog and homepage URLs?

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