Re: [Evolution-hackers] Problem Building GtkHtml 3.1.4

What version of XML-Parser do you have? I have a feeling that you have
an old version that doesn't have the Styles support that newer versions
do. OrigTree is a Style module for XML-Parser that comes with intltool.
If your XML-Parser doesn't have Style modules support, this would
definitely be an issue. I have a feeling that intltool needs to check
the version of XML-Parser better, and install the in a
better location more suited to XML-Parser.

-- dobey

On Mër , 2003-12-10 at 05:54, James Ogley wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to build GtkHtml 3.14 for Evo 1.5, but it's failing on
> intltool-merge because the OrigTree module isn't installed.
> I can't find this module in CPAN, and from what I can make out from
> Google, it should be included in intltool itself.  I've got intltool
> 0.28 installed, which is greater than the version that configure checks
> for (0.27.1 or greater).
> Can I get this module separately?

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