Re: [Evolution-hackers] Drag-n-drop task creation

> > Alright so the following should be allowed:
> > 
> > 1. Drag an email to the task button, which pops up a window where
> >    you can select the right task list.
> >

at:setup_widgets (EShellWindow *window)

	for (p = e_component_registry_peek_list (registry); p != NULL; p = p-
>next) {
                EComponentInfo *info = p->data;
                ComponentView *view = component_view_new (info->id,
info->alias, button_id);
                window->priv->component_views = g_slist_prepend (window-
>priv->component_views, view);
                e_sidebar_add_button (E_SIDEBAR (priv->sidebar), info-
>button_label, info->button_icon, button_id);
                button_id ++;

The sidebar buttons are added without knowing the button widget from
the component. This makes it really hard to actually add drop
support for the task button. 

Does anyone has a suggestion?

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