Re: [Evolution-hackers] Status bar

On Tue, 2 Dec 2003, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:

> Hmm I didn't actually know about the <status> node.  :-)

have a look at bonobo_ui_component_set_status in bonobo-ui-component.c

> The way I am doing it is that I have two widgets packed in a box in the
> status bar: the component's control and a label.  When bonobo-ui sends
> me the "add_hint" signal, I hide the control, display the label, and set
> the text in the label to be the one in the menu.  When I get
> "remove_hint", I hide the label and display the control.
> So the shell handles the status bar when a menu item is moused over, but
> the components manage it for their own progress notification purposes.

Would it not work to keep the bonoboui interfaces (i.e. scrap the
E-specific APIs), and just create a new statusbar implementation in the
shell that would also handle the <status> node?

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