[Evolution-hackers] Team Meeting Minutes 12/01

1. JP

JP discussed rolling the 1.5.0 tarball this week, concentrate on bug

JP discussed rolling a tarball for 1.4.6 the beginning of next week,
once a couple of bug fixes are confirmed.

JP discussed the need for keeping up attention on the patch list now
that we are getting a lot more bounty patches (and non-bounty ones too).

2. Team

Discussed Status:

Jeff: More tree polish including drag and drop; vfolder migration

Michael: Bug fixing for 1.5, S/MIME hookup to Chris's dialog when

Hans: 1.5 Bug fixing for addressbook, including a lot of view related
stuff like the columns

Rodrigo: GroupWise work, Alarm daemon fixes for 1.4.6

Toshok: S/MIME certificate import/setup work, bug fixing

Ettore: Fix status bar, shell defaults and source selector click

Radek: Junk folders for IMAP, gtkhtml bugs for 1.5

Mark: Broad snap testing on all platforms

Tim: In depth testing of the "reference" snapshot

Rodney: Reporting on shipping Spam Assassin, parallel install fixes

Gerardo: A little more bug cleanup, processing of incoming

JP: Calendar fixes, tarball cleanup, new calendar component interface

3. Other business

JP emphasized the importance of fixing 1.5 bugs this week.

JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com>
Ximian, Inc.

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