Re: [Evolution-hackers] Calendars and Tasks integration

>       * UI.  We still want to have the task-only table-based list;
>         however, it might not make sense as a stand-alone component
>         anymore.  Maybe we could have a button (in the toolbar?) to
>         switch to tasks-only mode when you are in the calendar?  Then
>         you could use the same button to switch back to
>         calendar-and-tasks mode.

I'll love to see calendar & todo together.

The only diference between a event and a todo is the "porcentage done"

It would be nice to have a space for not fixed in time events & todos.
When you add a event/task maybe an option to say arround October 1st
week, and, or just from now for some tasks.

This non-fixed-time events/tasks should appear probably in the listing
of things, but not on the calendar, because there is not fixed date for
them. When you say arround October 1st week only would appear that week.
It would be nice for events like congresses that do not have fixed date,
you put for october for example and when you see it you look at it, go
to the congress page and get the exact final dates & everything...

Just my 2 cents :)
bisho! ,,,,_ ,,      -=] 19/08/2003 [=-
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     .'    / _/
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