Re: [Evolution-hackers] Deadlock in camel-gpg-context.c

Am Mon, 2003-04-21 um 21.05 schrieb Jeffrey Stedfast:

> 2) seen_eof1 is used differently in the case of gpg_verify(). Instead of
> being used as a eof marker, it is used to denote that we have gotten a
> trust metric for the data being verified. ie, we parsed a
> TRUST_[NEVER,MARGINAL,FULLY,ULTIMATE] status line from gpg's --status-fd
> apparently you have discovered a bug in gpg, although the
> camel-gpg-context code is a bit dodgy in this case as well.

BTW: I have found what exactly happened. If the public key is not found,
gpg sends an ERRSIG but no TRUST_, so seen_eof1 was never set to true.

Christophe Saout <christophe saout de>

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