Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution and GTK+ 1.3 out of CVS...

On Wed, 17 May 2000, Steve Hill wrote:

> I was working on compiling everything myself out of CVS. GLIB and GTK+
> compiled just fine, however, imlib out of CVS did not compile and also
> appeared to be out of date.

What you need is the 1.2 branch.  This can be done by using the redhat
default, helix gnome, the 1.2 tarballs, or CVS.  To use gtk 1.2 out of cvs
do 'cvs get -r gtk-1-2 gtk+', or if you already have gtk+ you can do 
'cvs update -r gtk-1-2' in the gtk+ directory.  You want to do the same
thing for glib (-r glib-1-2), gnome-libs (-r gnome-libs-1-0), and
gnome-xml (-r LIB_XML_1_X)

> I went to '' for imlib-1.9.8 and it still
> did not compile, however, I was able to patch it for some of the new GTK+
> API stuff and it compiled just fine.

You should be able to use imlib out of gnome-cvs if you use the GNOME 1.0
branches (as described above).

> I next tried to compile 'gdk_pixbuf' and ran into some more problems with
> the new GTK+ API, but again was able to patch things to get it to compile
> and link.

Similarly, using branches should be fine.

> Soo...two questions:
> 1) Am I going to run into further complications when I go to compile the
>    GNOME and Bonobo portions with GTK+ 1.3 out of CVS?
> 2) Should I just compile against GTK+ 1.2.6?

I would actually just suggest using tarballs for most of the components,
but if you really want to use cvs, you can check out the appropriate

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