[Evolution-hackers] Evolution and GTK+ 1.3 out of CVS...

I was working on compiling everything myself out of CVS. GLIB and GTK+
compiled just fine, however, imlib out of CVS did not compile and also
appeared to be out of date.

I went to 'ftp://ftp.enlightenment.org/' for imlib-1.9.8 and it still
did not compile, however, I was able to patch it for some of the new GTK+
API stuff and it compiled just fine.

I next tried to compile 'gdk_pixbuf' and ran into some more problems with
the new GTK+ API, but again was able to patch things to get it to compile
and link.

Soo...two questions:

1) Am I going to run into further complications when I go to compile the
   GNOME and Bonobo portions with GTK+ 1.3 out of CVS?

2) Should I just compile against GTK+ 1.2.6?



 Steven J. Hill - Embedded SW Engineer
 Public Key: 'finger sjhill mail cotw com'
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