Re: [Evolution-hackers] Filling in the Menu Bar: UI questions

> "Edit" (which is
> where I look for my prefs, btw), but the Mail Config is under Tools? (A
> wizard is a tool, vs. you edit your preferences,)  And while we're at
> it, can we call it something other than "Preferences," so that it
> doesn't sound so global? can we call it "Calendar Settings" or "Calendar
> Configuration"

Personally, (and this is just a matter of opinion, I think) I'm not
a big fan of putting "Preferences" in "Edit."  When I see edit, I think
of it as short for "Edit Document," rather than just edit.  So, things
like cut, copy, paste, spell checking, search-and-replace, and the like
should go there, because they're all operations which edit the document.

I guess I don't read edit as a verb simply followed by whatever is in
the menu item.  I may be nuts and the only person who thinks this way,
(Which wouldn't shock me! :) but I guess I've always thought that this
is the only stuff that belongs in an "Edit" menu.

Where would I put preferences?  For general prefs, for lack of a better
place, I'd expect them under the "File" menu, even though that doen't
make much more sense.  I guess it's become a bit of a catch-all over
the years, where homeless menu items go. :)  What I really might do,
though, is put a little "Evolution" menu on, with all of the general
stuff (not pertaining to file access) in that menu.  (I'd stick it to
the left of "File," too, because it's more important in my eyes.)  I
think this would clean up the menus a lot, _but_ I don't know how
well it meshes with all of the other GNOME app menus.

For component settings, like the calendar settings you mentioned, I
might either put a "Calendar settings" item under the Evolution menu,
along with a similar item for all of the other components.  Or, maybe,
when the calendar is in use, just add an extra "Calendar" menu to the
menu bar, with similar contents to the "Evolution" menu.  I wonder how
much stuff there is to pack into this menu, though.  Is it worth an
entire extra menu?  Something you might want to consider, though.

Hopefully that rambling is somewhat useful.  I don't know much about
UIs (unless you consider bash a UI :), but that's the first layout
that comes to mind that I think would be pretty intuitive.


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