Re: [evince] EvView: Loading from memory, instead of a file

Excerpts from Murray Cumming's message of vie jul 15 10:19:09 +0200 2011:
> I'm using EvView in Glom:
> The PDFs are in a database, instead the filesystem. So I'm saving a
> temporary file and giving the URI to e_job_load_new():
> But is there some way to load it from memory instead? Or do you have
> suggestions for how to implement that in EvView?

There's poppler_document_new_from_data() but it's not supported by
evince. To implement it you should add:

 - libview/ev-jobs: ev_job_load_new_with_data()

 - libdocument/ev-document-factory:
 ev_document_factory_get_document_from_data() using gio to guess the
 mime type of the data.
 - libdocument/ev-document: ev_document_load_from_data() and implement
 it in the backends that support it.

 - I think we are assuming a document always has an URI, so you would
 need to check where the document URI is used.

I think that's all.

Carlos Garcia Campos
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