[evince] New behaviour or "open a copy"

I'm using GNOME Document Viewer 2.32.0.  Prior to updating to this rev
(from which rev I'm not sure, sorry) I could use File:Open-a-Copy to get
a new window with somefile-0.pdf in the window banner.  When I loaded a
new version of somefile.pdf, the somefile-0.pdf would retain the
original version.  Now Open-a-copy makes a new window with same banner
(somefile.pdf, no "-0") and is also updated when I make a new version of
the pdf.  I used the old feature extensively for comparison purposes. 
(I would overlay the two versions to detect minor layout differences,
relying on opacity to see both directly over top of each other).

Is there any work-around to get the old behaviour back?  Any clue as to
which (latest) old version I could re-install?



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