Re: [evince] Where are bookmarks/annotations saved?

Excerpts from Pablo Olmos de Aguilera Corradini's message of dom jul 31 00:48:50 +0200 2011:
> I made some bookmarks on Evince (3.0.1) for a pdf and I'd like to "backup"
> them... I've been reading and searching but I can't find how/where are these
> things saved.

They are saved using GIO metadata, see:

You can get the bookmarks from a file with the following command:

$ gvfs-info -a "metadata::evince::bookmarks" <document-uri>

for example:

$ gvfs-info -a "metadata::evince::bookmarks" hig-2.0.pdf

  metadata::evince::bookmarks: [(12, 'Page: 12'), (13, 'pagina 12 +
  1'), (153, 'Página 154 — 2.3. Choosing Shortcut Keys'), (15, 'Página
  16 — 4. Make Your Application Consistent'), (107, '15.1. Sortable
  Trees'), (0, 'Página 1')]

I'm not sure, but I think metadata info is stored by gvfs in
~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata so you could just backup that folder.

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