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Dear all,

Thank you for your quick responses - it is nice to receive all of these. We had started on this work a couple of months back and before starting, as is our usual practice, we had informed in all the lists about starting on this work -  this was primarily so that our efforts do not get duplicated. At that time, though this thread had sufficient interest, no one had got into actual implementation. Hence we started it. Not sure how anyone has missed on this and started work on this thread?

We initially had a lot of analysis/research work to be done to understand what was the quickest and efficient solution to employ to get pdf documents accessible - of all the solutions thus explored we finalised on one to get it implemented. Since this was a research exploration and we were not aware of the feasibility we planned to share it only once we had a working prototype - which is with us today. there is some small fine-tuning left after which we will share the entire work, with source, with all. We would also love to have feedback and comments on the same - it surely helps the development process. Also, we completely go by the open source philosophy.

Our efforts make a pdf document open in firefox. So from Orca when a user opens a pdf document (on a key binding) the document opens, as is, in firefox and Orca reads it from there - with this technique, the document formatting appears to be intact, Orca reads the document properly and this method is not restricted to any one particular pdf reader application. We have, at the same time, also enhanced Evince to support the changes that we have done, so if someone wants to open the document with evince then evince opens, but on a key binding the file is opened in Firefox and control passes there.

We hope this methodology helps all users. Any thoughts/comments are welcomed. As I said, we hope to release this implementation in 1 week's time.

With warm regards,
Leena C
(on behalf of Orca team in CDAC Mumbai)

On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 11:13 PM, hackingKK <hackingkk gmail com> wrote:

That's why I always advice FOSS developres, "share share share ".
You have nothing to worry about.  sharing things early on will always bennifit others and helps in avoiding duplication as well.

happy hacking.

On Tuesday 01 June 2010 12:30 PM, Mario wrote:

Please have a look at this post:

Just in case you don't know, Consortium Fernando de los Rios is funding this improvement to EVINCE right now [1], and I think there should not be double effort on pursuing the same goal.

Specially, when there are many things still to do in the a11y field.

Best regards.

2010/6/1 hackingKK <hackingkk gmail com>
Hi Lina.
I recall you have wrote to the mailinglist some days back about pdf accessibility.
I will be interested to know what approach have you finally decided to take?
What is the current status of development?

Happy hacking.

On Tuesday 01 June 2010 09:54 AM, leena chourey wrote:
Dear Gnome / Orca Developers,

This is to notify, that our team at CDAC Mumbai (India) is working to enhance Orca capabilities for gnome based applications to make them more accessible and user friendly. Recently one of our team member has submitted patch which reads available Orca shortcuts, and now patch become part of Orca development version 2.31.2.

As a part of same project, team is also trying to make pdf document accessible using orca.

With regards
Leena C
>From Accessibility Team
CDAC Mumbai
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Leena C

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