Re: [orca-list] Orca Enhancement work

El 01/06/2010, a las 06:24, leena chourey escribió:

> Dear Gnome / Orca Developers,
> This is to notify, that our team at CDAC Mumbai (India) is working to enhance Orca capabilities for gnome based applications to make them more accessible and user friendly. Recently one of our team member has submitted patch which reads available Orca shortcuts, and now patch become part of Orca development version 2.31.2.
> As a part of same project, team is also trying to make pdf document accessible using orca.
> With regards 

(Sorry for crossposting)

Hi Leena,

	As Mario commented, we're working on improve orca and OCRFeeder accesibility, you can read about in [1] and [2].

	Also we're working on improve the keyboard and general settings in orca, you can read about in [3].


Alejandro Leiva

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