Re: b/w scans look ugly.

El mar, 22-09-2009 a las 01:10 +0200, Sascha Heid escribió:
> >>> B/W scans look very bad in evince.
> >> it's a known poppler issue due to a cairo limitation:
> >>
> >>
> Hello again!
> Can anyone tell me how KDE's pdf-viewer Okular renders those b/w scans
> beautifully?
> It uses poppler and cairo as well, doesn't it?

No, okular uses poppler with splash backend, not with cairo. Evince can
run with poppler splash too, you only need to build poppler without
cairo. But take into account that once all the important cairo issues
are fixed (and bug #5589 is one of those) poppler-glib will depend only
on cairo and therefore Evince too. 

> Thanks,
> Sascha
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