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Evince is the Ubuntu's default PDF and Postscript document viewer. It appears in the Uubuntu applications menu as "Document viewer" and it is installed by default.

You can start it by pressing <ALT><F2> and typing: evince <ENTER>.

If it is not enables in your apps menu, you can do it by the menu editor. Select the menu System->Preferences->Main menu. Once you start the menu editor, click on Applications/Graphics in the left window and select "Document viewer" in the right window . Press "Close" and... voilà, Evince will available in your main menu. 

Sorry if the options name are not exactly the same as I wrote. I'm translating it from my system in Portuguese.



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How do I use it? I have installed on Ubuntu. It does not appear as an 'Application' and I can't find any doc.
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